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Why Viggo Mortensen Fought Fiercely To Get A Can of Coca-Cola Into The Road
Adapted from Cormac McCarthy’s novel of the same name, “The Road” follows a father and son traveling in a post-apocalyptic world after most plant and animal life has died. Translating a novel into a film can be difficult and often leads to changes, but Viggo Mortensen fought to stay loyal to one of the book’s most pivotal scenes by getting a can of Coke for the moment.
The Coca-Cola company has been present in all media over the years, appearing in cameos for many movies, but the company has rules regarding its usage and didn’t want to be associated with a rated-R film like “The Road.” One scene of the film features the father and son finding a can of Coke, leading to a reflection and a reminder of a better world.
Mortensen was shocked when he learned they would use a fake brand instead of Coke, saying, “That’s not the same thing. Coke is so iconic around the world. It’s a symbol of America, of a certain way of life.” The company ultimately approved the use of Coke after the actor contacted an executive and explained the brand’s necessity to the scene and the potential free advertising.