Nightwing, Superboy, and Impulse from Young Justice
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Why Young Justice’s DC Universe Decided Not To Destroy Mars
One essential part of the DC mythos is that Mars is mostly devoid of life. Its civilizations have been wiped out through war or a plague, except for the Martian Manhunter.
However, the acclaimed “Young Justice” animated series goes against this typical portrayal of the planet and features a Martian civilization that’s very much alive and active.
Co-creator Greg Weisman explained to DC on their website’s blog, “While developing the first season, we decided that Krypton should be unique in its destruction.”
He continued, “Having every alien come from a dead world brought us nothing new. But having M’arzz be a living, thriving — if troubled — society was bound to bring us stories.”
Co-creator Brandon Vietti added that this change brought weight to Miss Martian’s character, saying, “We needed that weight to craft a truly unique coming-of-age story for her.”
The show would go on to use Martian society to explore mature subjects involving social issues and racial discrimination in a way that children could easily understand.