Rick on an alien planet from Rick and Morty
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You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Rick And Morty’s New Voice Actors
The "Rick and Morty" Season 7 trailer debuted with a new set of voices for the animated show's titular characters to replace Justin Roiland after his legal troubles.
In a profile of co-creator Dan Harmon by The Hollywood Reporter, he confirmed Adult Swim hired two young, unknown voice actors for Rick and Morty.
It's a solution that Harmon indicated he mostly stayed away from, explaining: "It's all just sad, because the goal is for it to be indistinguishable."
He continued, "At the same time, it would be absurd to suddenly decide that the entire foundation of your creative project was, oh, coincidentally, unimportant."
Adult Swim hasn’t named the actors yet, but they seem to have filled in for Roiland well; however, there are moments in the trailer where the differences are apparent.